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About the Consulate General

The Slovenian Consulate General in Klagenfurt is settled in the compound that was built in Radetzky Street in the years 1956/57 as the Consulate General of the former Yugoslavia. The Republic of Slovenia became the owner of the building on the basis of the agreement between the succession states, reached in 2001, on the divsion of the once common diplomatic representations. However, it moved into the building already in 1996 after a throughout renovation since the building was closed and empty for some years after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991. Before moving in, he Slovenian Consulate General found ist temporary home in the building at Bahnhofstrasse 22 A .    

The current home of the Consulate General  is even today, 60 years after it was built, looking modern which is primarily the merit of the distinguished Slovenian-Carinthian architecht Janez Oswald who died in 2011.

  The consular district of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Klagenfurt covers four Austrian federal provinces (Bundesländer):

  • Carinthia / Land Kärnten
  • Salzburg / Land Salzburg
  • Tirol / Land Tirol
  • Vorarlberg / Land Vorarlberg

The Consulate General focuses particularly on the following:

  • Protecting Slovenian citizens, and discharging other consular and legal tasks in its consular district;
  • Actively following the situation of the Slovenian minority in Austrian Carinthia;
  • Promoting all-round co-operation with federal provinces within the jurisdiction of the Consulate General.

The Slovenian community, organised into four associations, is also actively engaged in Vorarlberg, where the General Consulate has regular office hours.