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The Slovenian Minority in Carinthia


The Slovenian minority in Austrian Carinthia is one of six national minorities (Volksgruppen) in Austria.

The majority of associations, institutions and individuals are organised within the National Council of Slovenes in Carinthia (President Dr Valentin Inzko) established in 1946, and the Union of Slovenian Organisations (President Manuel Jug) established in 1955. The Association of Carinthian Slovenes (President Mr Bernard Sadovnik) was founded in 2003.

The Unity List (President Gabrijel Hribar) is an independent political party of Carinthian Slovenes which is also open to members of the majority nation who support its programme.

A large number of Slovenian associations and institutions are united by the main cultural organisations – Christian Cultural Union and Slovenian Educational Union.

Relations between Slovenia and Austria and the situation of the minority

Slovenia maintains dynamic relations with Austria, which is confirmed by numerous contacts at the political and expert level and the cooperation network in different areas. The two neighbouring countries are linked by historic, cultural and especially economic ties, as Austria is one of Slovenia's most important foreign trade partners and foreign investors.

Issues with Austria which have not yet been entirely resolved, despite some progress being made, particularly relate to the situation of the Slovenian minority in Austria. Slovenia protects the interests of the minority and advocates strict implementation of all its rights under Article 7 of the Austrian State Treaty.