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In 2018, Austria continued to be the third most important Slovenian foreign-trade partner with 5,6 billion euro of trade exchange. The value of Slovenian export to Austria amounted to 2,4 billion and import to 3,2 billion.

Austria is the most important foreign investor in Slovenia. The Austrian market is important as well for Slovenian tourism; in 2018, Austrian tourist were the third most frequent visitors of Slovenia.

Slovenia was in 2018 in terms of export the sixth most important trader partner of Austrian Carinthia and fourth in terms of import. The overall value of trade exchange reached 603 million (import from Carinthia 338, export to Carinthia 265 million). 

In addition to the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Klagenfurt, business organizations active within the Slovenian minority in Carinthia also encourage economic links between Slovenia and Carinthia. In this context, it is worth mentioning the Slovenian Economic Union, which has the status of a Slovenian business club abroad, and the Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border Co-operation in Klagenfurt.

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