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In 2017, Austria continued to be the third most important Slovenian foreign-trade partner with 4,8 billion euro of trade exchange which represented 10 percent of the overall trade exchange of Slovenia. The value of Slovenian export to Austria amounted to 1,9 billion and import to 2,9 billion. Slovenians remain the biggest consumers of Austrian goods pro inhabitant in the world.  

Austria is the most important foreign investor in Slovenia. Their direct investments represented in 2015 one third of all foreign investments in Slovenia and had the overall value of 3,5 billion euro. Most investments continue to be in the financial sectors, trade and industry. Slovenian companies invest in Austria on a smaller scale. According to the Bank of Slovenia, total Slovenian investments in Austria at the end of 2015 amounted to 140 million; however, in comparison with 2013 they increased for almost a half. The Austrian market is important as well for Slovenian tourism; in 2017, Austrian tourist were the second most frequent visitors of Slovenia, after Italians and before Germans.  

Slovenia was in 2017 in terms of export the sixth most important trader partner of Austrian Carinthia and fourth in terms of import. The overall value of trade exchange reached 543 million (import from Carinthia 306, export to Carinthia 237 million). There are numerous companies from Carinthia present on Slovenian market, lately more and more companies from Slovenia enter the Carinthian market as s result of the improved political climate in Carinthia and cooperation between regional chambers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia on the one hand and the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce on the other.

The trade exchange of Slovenia with Voralberg amounted in 2017 around 245 million (the relation between export and import being in favour of Slovenia – 34 million EUR), almost the same volume reached the trade exchange with Tirol (264) whereas the exchange with Salzburg reached 455 million. 

Slovenia’s integration into the Schengen area influenced the increase of the number of cross-border economic projects, especially in tourism. Active cooperation on projects also takes place between the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, the Provincial Chamber of Agriculture of Carinthia and farmer associations of the Slovenian minority. In addition to the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Klagenfurt, business organizations active within the Slovenian minority in Carinthia also encourage economic links between Slovenia and Carinthia. In this context, it is worth mentioning the enian Economic Union, which has the status of a Slovenian business club abroad, and the Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border Co-operation in Klagenfurt.

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